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Embroidering the tales that make up Antwerp

at the expo An Italian in the Low Countries

Guicciardini told his story. Now it's your turn. Embroider your story of the city with embroiderer Nadia Mohmand and artist Lies Van Assche.

Join artist Lies Van Assche and master embroiderer Nadia Mohmand in embroidering the tales that make up Antwerp on our 148 ‘urban fabrics,’ which are constructed from donated tablecloths and together depict the entire city of Antwerp. This collection of personal stories and creative, hand-made contributions will bear the traces of encounters, conversations and memories. Together, we’ll make up an intuitive collective mapping of the city, a journey of encounters and intimate stories.

Socially engaged artist Lies Van Assche and master embroiderer Nadia Mohmand are inviting you to color a street, a square, a park or a river with needle and thread on their 148 ‘urban fabrics.’ You pick a public location in Antwerp that is interwoven with a personal story: a story about your own street, a memory of a special place, an experience in a public space. We’ll lend you an embroidery kit, after which you’re free to improvise with needle and thread or take a peak at what our seasoned embroiderers are doing. After you’ve embroidered your story onto the fabric, Lies will ask you to jot down your story in a logbook. 

With this community art project in the public space, Lies wants to cross the barriers between different worlds by introducing a traditionally ‘domestic’ textile craft in unexpected public locations throughout the city. This nomadic community art project is a project consisting of various phases and spanning several years.

Practical information

  • 26 and 27 February, 1 - 4 March, from 12.30h till 14.30 or 14.30 till 16.30
  • Anyone over the age of 9 (accompanied by an adult). No prior knowledge is necessary.
  • freePlease register via or +32 (0)3 221 14 51

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STST 2.0 is a project realized by DOEK vzw in collaboration with MoMu Antwerp and Atlas, integratie & inburgering Antwerpen. This project was made possible by the support of the City of Antwerp and FITLAB+. 

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