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Leading ladies

The house and the familyowned company survived for three hundred years. This was largely the work of a group of strong, emancipated women. Their names are Martina Plantin (1550 – 1616), Anna Goos (1627 – 1691), Anna-Maria de Neuf (1654 – 1714) and Maria-Theresia Borrekens (1728 – 1797). They managed the company for long periods of time, guaranteeing its continuity.

Martina Plantin

Martina Plantin (1550-1616) was the second daughter of Christophe Plantin and Jeanne Rivière. As the wife of Jan I Moretus, it was from her that the printing dynasty was descended, starting with her sons Balthasar I and Jan II, who jointly inherited the bookshop and print shop.

portret van Anna Goos

Anna Goos

Coming from a wealthy patrician family, at around the age of eighteen Anna Goos (1627-1691) married Balthasar II Moretus, twelve years her senior. Especially after the death of her husband in 1673, she proved to have a strong character and considerable entrepreneurial ability.

Maria-Theresia Borrekens

Maria-Theresia Borrekens (1728-1797) was married to Franciscus Joannes Moretus, son of Joannes Jacobus and Theresia Mechtildis Schilders. The daughter of a knight, Engelbert Borrekens, she herself came from a rich and noble family.

Anna-Marie de Neuf

Anna-Maria De Neuf (1654 – 1714), wife of Balthasar III, became a widow at 42 years old. She headed the company for nearly 20 years and led the company through the crisis following the War of the Spanisch Succession. She reduced working hours for her employees.

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