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foto: Victoriano Moreno

Audio play brings museum to life

The museum comes to life with an audio play on the Antwerp Museum App.

Listen to the house and its former occupants

New three-dimensional audio techniques make you feel like a time traveller entering a busy house and printing works.

You sit at the table with Edward Moretus while he sells the house to the city of Antwerp to create a museum. In the office you come across Christophe Plantin himself. Upstairs in the library you find yourself in the midst of a discussion between books. And every house has its dark secrets: the portraits spill the beans while you stand there listening.

An audio play - not a classic audio tour

The audio play is not a classic audio tour, but brings the rooms and their former occupants to life in an amusing way.

Prefer a classic audio tour? That's also possible. The audio guide Plantin, visionary publisher tells the story of founder Christopher Plantin and his successors, the Moretus family.

Antwerp Museum App

You can listen to the audio play via the Antwerp Museum App, which is crammed full with exclusive information and interesting tours of Antwerp’s museums and the city too. A treasure trove of art and history revealed!

Practical information

Download the Antwerp Museum App for free onto your smartphone (android or iOS) and bring your own earphones with you, or buy earphones from the museum reception desk for 1 euro.


In 1876, Edward Moretus sold the printing works to the City of Antwerp. As a Moretus, he was a true businessman, and knew how to handle the deal.

The portraits tell all. Warm family ties can sometimes lead to heated discussions.

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