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Leading Ladies Tour

guided tour for adults

The house and the family-owned company survived for three hundred years. This was largely the work of a group of strong, emancipated women.

Their names are Martina Plantin (1550 – 1616), Anna Goos (1627 – 1691), Anna-Maria de Neuf (1654 – 1714) and Maria-Theresia Borrekens (1728 – 1797). They managed the company for long periods of time, guaranteeing its continuity.

The museum gives you a chance to look at the Plantin-Moretus family and the Officina Plantiniana firm from a fresh perspective, notably that of the woman who lived and worked here. Enter the world of the hard working, determined and entrepreneurial Moretus ladies.

Read more about the strong Plantin-Moretus women.

What to expect

  • You discover the fascinating life in this house through the stories about the enterprising women.
  • You look with a woman's eye at the portraits in the house, at their outfit, the evolution of fashion.
  • You learn that entrepreneurship is like walking on a thight rope, for both women and men.

Practical information

  • guided tour for adults
  • maximum 15 people per guide
  • duration: maximum 90 minutes
  • price for the guide: €120 (administration fee included)
  • tickets for the museum (ticket prices)

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