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The Plantin-Moretus archive

The Plantin-Moretus archive contains documents from 1550 until 1865. It is a paper treasure trove and consists of 1,382 ledgers, 990 sheafs, 187 folio volumes and more than 1,385 parchments.


This unique source of information relates to the Officina Plantiniana and to the personal lives of Plantin and his successors. The archive provides important information about:

  • The social-economic and political history of the Netherlands
  • International cultural life from 1550 until 1650
  • The study of humanism and the counter-reformation
  • The history of science
  • The history of book publishing from the sixteenth until the nineteenth century.


Consulting the database

You can consult the documents of this unique business and family archive in the reading room in Jan Denucé’s “Inventaris op het Plantijnsch
Archief” (1926). (cat. no. BL A 12). This inventory is also available as a PDF file


You can use the MPM-opac of the Anet catalogue to electronically request archival documents.

  • Search by title or by word in the title as listed in Jan Denucé’s inventory
  • Search by place using the number of the archival document, i.e. “MPM: Arch. #”.

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