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Zonnewijzer, Jacobus de Succa foto: LUCID

Sundial, Jacobus de Succa

loan from the Rubens House


Martine Maris, curator from the Rubens House: "At the Rubens House, we have always found this instrument very interesting. It is a beautiful, seventeenth-century instrument, gilded and inscribed for Albrecht and Isabella. As a sundial, it is also a unique instrument. It is very complex and displays different hours. That is why it fits perfectly within the artistic-intellectual milieu in Antwerp to which Rubens and Moretus belonged. For that seventeenth-century club, art and science are closely intertwined. The fact that the sundial is dedicated to the Archdukes fits perfectly in this context. Albrecht and Isabella encourage art as well as science and research."


The sundial is by the science books in Room 22 on the upper floor.



Five special pieces from the Rubens House on a visit

During an extensive renovation, the doors of the Rubens House remain closed. Fortunately, many works from the collection can be admired elsewhere. Five pieces are moving to Museum Plantin-Moretus. You can now view them there as part of the permanent exhibition. Martine Maris, Curator of the Rubens House, provides a taste of the five very diverse works.

Museum Plantin-Moretus

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