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Letters from Plantin


Christophe Plantin was a first-class networker. He kept in touch with both friends and foes through letters. Do his letters give a clue as to what Plantin really thought?

Plantin's letters appeal to the imagination and offer greater insight into Plantin's person and into the zeitgeist of the 16th century, with themes that are still relevant today, such as international trade, war, censorship, reputational damage, father-daughter relationships, ...

We invite a new, multidisciplinary generation of creative people to offer a contemporary answer to Plantin's writings.

During the 'Day of Silence' on 15 October, we will organise the A Brush with Silence performance, in which 15 different writers and calligraphers create in silence while the audience enjoys themselves while looking over their shoulders. Shhhhh ...

From 5 December 2020 to 28 Februari 2021 - intervention in the permanent collection

Museum Plantin-Moretus

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