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Four themes, a thousand books

In four themes, the museum explains Plantijn's exceptional importance in the dissemination of knowledge. The four subjects are language, science, human and society, and religion.

The new presentation in the museum explains the exceptional importance of Plantin by way of four themes. Plantin published the works of many important humanist scholars and scientists and dispersed them worldwide.

Old languages, new languages

Plantijn publishes numerous language works and textbooks. Jan Moretus published the first explanatory dictionary of the Dutch language.

Science at full speed

The port city of Antwerp and Plantijn's publishing house are a crossroads for the exchange of knowledge.

About people, power and society

In order to strengthen their image, rulers spread images of joyful entrances, triumphs or trials.

Religious works

In the Plantinian printing industry, the presses serve the Catholic faith with countless editions of the Bible and books for worship.

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