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De aartshertogen Albrecht en Isabella in de tuin van hun kasteel op de Coudenberg te Brussel, Jan I Brueghel foto: LUCID

The Archdukes Albrecht and Isabella in the garden of their castle at Coudenberg in Brussels, Jan I Brueghel

loan from the Rubens House

oil on panel

Martine Maris, curator of the Rubens House: "The detail in this work is incredible, that is truly Brueghel (1568-1625). You look first at the park on the Coudenberg. Looking further, you see a whole series of animals and people. You can always discover new details in this work. But the surroundings are more important than who is seen in the painting, the park takes centre stage."

"The Archdukes Albrecht and Isabella are very important in Rubens' career. As their court painter, he enjoys many privileges. For instance, he is not required to reside at their court, but is allowed to settle in Antwerp. That gives him the opportunity to undertake numerous commissions for Antwerp's urban elite. Later, Rubens also works as a diplomat for Isabella. Brueghel and Rubens are good friends, by the way."


You will find the painting in the manuscript room, room 27, upstairs.



Five special pieces from the Rubens House on a visit

During an extensive renovation, the doors of the Rubens House remain closed. Fortunately, many works from the collection can be admired elsewhere. Five pieces are moving to Museum Plantin-Moretus. You can now view them there as part of the permanent exhibition. Martine Maris, Curator of the Rubens House, provides a taste of the five very diverse works.

Museum Plantin-Moretus

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