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Illustrated flowers of nature - Rembert Dodoens

Rembert Dodoens publish his 'Cruydtboeck' (herbal book). In the 16th century the most translated book, after the Bible.

'I wrote the herb book in Dutch. I hope that it will strengthen the love and devotion of herbal lovers.' - Rembert Dodoens

Rembert Dodoens (1517/1518-1585)

Dodoens is the personal physician of Emperors Maximilian II and Rudolph II. He writes medicinal books but is particularly famous as a botanist. In his Cruydtboeck (herbal book) from 1554 he lays down the foundations of botany. He is one of the most highly regarded botanists of his time.

Stirpium historiae pemtades sex

This work is original in that it also incorporates non-medicinal plants. Dodoens systematically describes the plants, their origin, flowering and use.

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Rembert Dodoens, Stirpium historiae pemtades sex, C. Plantin, 1583


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