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foto: Victoriano Moreno foto: Victoriano Moreno

Ten top works

Ten top works jump out, books that determined Western thinking and shaped the world.

Latin classics - Justus Lipsius

Plantin convinces top humanist Justus Lipsius to print his Latin classics like Tacitus and Seneca at his printing office.

The first Dutch dictionary - Cornelis Kiliaan

The first Dutch dictionary was printed in Plantijns printing office.

Counting with decimal numbers - Simon Stevin

The basis for the US dollar is found in Simon Stevin's book 'de Thiende'.

An Italian view of the Netherlands - Lodovico Guicciardini

A reference work about the Netherlands, richly illustrated and full of maps.

The first atlas - Abraham Ortelius

The first atlas was printed in Plantijns printing office.

A new medicine book - Pieter Coudenberg

Coudenberg’s Dispensatorium is translated in France, the Netherlands and Italy and is reissued well into the 17th century. The work will remain a standard until the 19th century.

Illustrated flowers of nature - Rembert Dodoens

Rembert Dodoens publish his 'Cruydtboeck' (herbal book). In the 16th century the most translated book, after the Bible.

foto: Ans Brys

Twelve meter long funeral procession of emperor Charles V

A magnifique funeral procession in honour of Charles V, printed on a roll.

Plantins beautiful luxury Bible

This Bible is richly illustrated with 94 engravings. One of the most beautiful Bibles ever published in Plantins printing office.

de Biblia Regia of koninklijke Bijbel in vijf talen

The royal Bible in five languages - Arias Montanus

Plantins absolute masterpiece: a Bible consisting of eight parts in five languages.

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