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Ten top works

Ten top works jump out, books that determined Western thinking and shaped the world.

Latin classics - Justus Lipsius

Plantin convinces top humanist Justus Lipsius to print his Latin classics like Tacitus and Seneca at his printing office.

The first Dutch dictionary - Cornelis Kiliaan

The first Dutch dictionary was printed in Plantijns printing office.

Counting with decimal numbers - Simon Stevin

The basis for the US dollar is found in Simon Stevin's book 'de Thiende'.

An Italian view of the Netherlands - Lodovico Guicciardini

A reference work about the Netherlands, richly illustrated and full of maps.

The first atlas - Abraham Ortelius

The first atlas was printed in Plantijns printing office.

A new medicine book - Pieter Coudenberg

Coudenberg’s Dispensatorium is translated in France, the Netherlands and Italy and is reissued well into the 17th century. The work will remain a standard until the 19th century.

Illustrated flowers of nature - Rembert Dodoens

Rembert Dodoens publish his 'Cruydtboeck' (herbal book). In the 16th century the most translated book, after the Bible.

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