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Latin classics - Justus Lipsius

Plantin convinces top humanist Justus Lipsius to print his Latin classics like Tacitus and Seneca at his printing office.

'Moribus antiquis - according to the classics' - Justus Lipsius

Justus Lipsius (1547-1606)

Lipsius is one of the most celebrated humanists of his time. He is a student at the University of Louvain where in due course he will become a professor. Lipsius also teaches in Lutheran Jena and in Calvinist Leiden. His favourite classical authors are Tacitus and Seneca, and he believes that the ancient texts tell us something about the present.

A Roman history

In the first century the Roman historian wrote Tacitus about the history of Rome. This edition is Lipsius' first and immediately becomes his most important work as a philologist.

Top work

Tacitus,Historiarum et Annalium lbri, ... de moribus Germanorum, ed. J. Lipsius, C. Plantin, 1574

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