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de Biblia Regia of koninklijke Bijbel in vijf talen foto: Filip Dujardin

The royal Bible in five languages - Arias Montanus

Plantins absolute masterpiece: a Bible consisting of eight parts in five languages.

'Christoffel Plantin is famous for his art of printing, which enables art to live. His strong intelligence and admirable knowledge, his diligent work and effort, his strictness in everything. Thank you for praise.' - Preface Montanus in Biblia Sacra 

Arias Montanus (1527-1598)

For five years, eleven hours a day, the theologian Arias Montanus coordinated the publication of the Biblia regia. To Philip II he wrote: ‘More is done here in a month than in Rome in a year.’ Montanus and Plantin became close friends. After Philip II recalled him to Spain in 1575 to develop the Escorial library, he continued to correspond with Plantin and with Joannes Moretus.

Biblia regia - Biblia polyglotta

With the financial support of Philip II, Plantin creates his absolute masterpiece: the multilingual Biblia polyglotta or Biblia regia. The work consists of eight parts: four parts with the Old Testament, one with the New Testament and three parts "Apparatus" or comments. The bible text itself is printed in five languages: Latin, Greek, Hebrew, Chaldean, and Ancient Syrian.

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Biblia regia, C. Plantin, 1568-1572

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