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An Italian view of the Netherlands - Lodovico Guicciardini

A reference work about the Netherlands, richly illustrated and full of maps.

Lodovico Guicciardini (1521-1589)

Guicciardini is an Italian merchant who works in the Antwerp branch of the family business from 1541 onwards. He will live in Antwerp until his death. His career takes a new turn when in 1552 he starts writing, an activity that, according to Guicciardini himself, brings in more money than his job as a merchant.

Description de touts les Pais-Bas

In this book Guicciardini describes every town in the Netherlands. He describes the economics, politics, language, flora, fauna and genre of the prosperous Netherlands. Striking attention is paid to his hometown of Antwerp. Describing the inhabitants, he says, 'They are experienced and able to act all over the world, yes, also the women are able (and have been so welcome) to speak three often four, some five, six and seven languages: which is a usefulĀ and wonderful thing. '

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Lodovico Guicciardini, Description de touts les Pais-Bas, C. Plantin, 1582

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