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Map of Antwerp

This famous woodcut by Virgilius Bononiensis shows Antwerp in 1565. Bononiensis – or Boloniensis – may have been an Italian from Bologna. The rich trading city of Antwerp attracted many Europeans in the 16th century.

Monumental woodcut

This well-known view of Antwerp is a monumental hand-coloured woodcut that is no less than 120 cm high and 265 cm wide. It was printed on 20 sheets of handmade paper. This is the only known surviving copy.

Bononiensis or Boloniensis

The creator of this plan, Virgilius Bononiensis or Boloniensis, may have been an Italian from Bologna who had moved to the rich trading city of Antwerp. The Antwerp printer Gillis Coppens van Diest printed the plan in September 1565. The text of the description of Antwerp in the cartouche is by Cornelius Grapheus.

Museum Plantin-Moretus

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