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de Kathedraaltoren gezien vanop de Vrijdagmarkt foto: Ans Brys

Out and about in Antwerp

The Museum Plantin-Moretus is right in the heart of Antwerp. Near the Cathedral of Our Lady, but also within walking distance of the Fashion Museum and the vibrant shopping district. There’s plenty of other things to discover whenever you visit the Museum Plantin-Moretus.

Antwerp never fails to surprise – like the Museum Plantin-Moretus itself. Enjoyed your visit? Then why not also go for a walk to see the Cathedral of Our Lady, the Town Hall or the Scheldt? Or how about the fashion district? Or one of the other nearby shopping districts?

The cathedral

The largest Gothic structure in the Low Countries is a huge treasure house of artwork. After twenty years of restoration, the church is resplendent in all its glory once again. Highlights include Rubens’ Raising of the Cross and Descent from the Cross. Anyone who visits Antwerp should definitely see the cathedral.

Rubens House

If you like the Museum Plantin-Moretus, you are sure to appreciate the Rubens House. Rubens was a friend of Balthasar I Moretus, and painted portraits of members of the family.
Here he bequeathed his legendary studio, along with an impressive art collection and a beautiful garden. The Rubens House attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors from all over the world every year.

Fashion Museum (MOMU)

MoMu is in the heart of Antwerp’s fashion district. It hosts a constant succession of thematic exhibitions.

Museum Mayer van den Bergh

Fritz Mayer van den Bergh (1858-1901) put together a whole museum in the course of his life, consisting of masterpieces from the Middle Ages and the Renaissance as well as from the fascinating nineteenth century. In every room of this intimate museum, the collector enthrals you with his exquisite taste. Be sure to see Bruegel’s Dulle Griet too!

Central Station: TripAdvisor's chart-topper

The Museum Plantin-Moretus is ranked in second place on TripAdvisor. Number 1 is Central Station: Antwerp’s railway cathedral is among the finest in the world. During the renovation work, both the interior and the exterior of the station were thoroughly overhauled.

Walking under the Scheldt

Near the museum you can walk through the pedestrian tunnel to Linkeroever (the Left Bank). This is the place with the best view of the Antwerp skyline. The most romantic time to enjoy it is in the evening, when the lights of the port and city are shining.

Museum Plantin-Moretus

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