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In Plantin's footsteps 2024

Our Book Design and Type Design students exhibit their graduation projects in the exhibition hall of Museum Plantin-Moretus. Open until Sunday 25 August.

Book design

Four Book Design students each came up with a new design for an existing book on Futurism in Europe. During the design process, they were guided by graphic designer Jurgen Persijn. In this exhibition, discover how the students incorporated futuristic ideas into their creative design in their own unique way.

The students came from Belgium, the Netherlands, UK and Iceland. The classes ran from December to June. At the start of the lesson series, text and visual material from the book to be designed are provided. The students explore how to integrate all this information and different text levels into a coherent whole. Research into the many typographic possibilities is central. In addition, much attention is paid to materials and reproduction methods.

Type design

Our type designers display 19 new typefaces created from typographic heritage and old prints preserved at the museum. Typesetters from the Renaissance, Baroque and modern eras were scrutinised. As the exhibition hall was remodelled last summer, this is an exhibition of two academic years.

These students come from all over Europe, North and South America and Vietnam. The Type Design Expert course has been taught since 2010 by Dr Frank Blokland, a well-known Dutch type designer, software developer and lecturer.

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