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Who's who

The Museum Plantin-Moretus has around forty employees. They ensure the optimal running of this unique world heritage site.


Iris Kockelbergh: director

Delphine Maenhout: business assistant

Viviane De Keersmaecker: secretariat

Patricia Kolsteeg: facility manager

Danny Guetens: safety team leader


Zanna Van Loon, curator of Old Prints and Manuscripts

Kris Geysen: assistant-curator of Book and Archives

Virginie D'haene: curator of old prints and drawings

Willemijn Stammis: curator of modern and contemporary prints and drawings

Vera Nys: curator of Historic residence

Joost Depuydt: curator of typographical and technical collections

Kristof Selleslach: archivist

Anneleen Decraene: collection registrar

Jolanta Gwarek: loan administration

Dina Lavrova: digitization

Public Relations

Odette Peterink

Elisabeth Hendrikx

Libraries and Reading room

Nico De Brabander: Museum Library and Reading room

Denis Van Velthoven: Museum Library and Reading room

Communication, marketing and press

Stephanie Benoit

Mieke Vervoort

Museum Plantin-Moretus

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