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A map will guide you around the highlights of the museum in about one hour. Would you like to spend more time? Please choose a guide from the bookshelves in the hall or read the information over here.

At the start of your visit you will receive a book jacket at the desk. On it, you will find a plan taking you round the museum’s high points in an hour.

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We also offer the floor plan in Spanish, Dutch, French and German.

Would you like to take a little longer? Then borrow a free visitors’ guide from the bookcase in the corridor. You won’t be overwhelmed by texts, labels and captions in the museum. But if you’re eager for more, the visitors’ guide is definitely worth reading.

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After you’ve finished using it, put the book back on the bookcase for the next visitor, as you can also find all the texts here on the website.


We also offer the visitor's guide in Spanish, Russian, Dutch, French and German.

Museum Plantin-Moretus

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