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Stories from the Plantinian Archives

The Plantinian Archives are a treasure trove of information about daily life at the Plantinian press. An That is why our archivist is able to bring the Moretus family and their employees back to life. The blog will be published on Medium, in English.

For more than three centuries, Christophe Plantin and his successors have extensively documented how their company and daily life around it were managed. This is why the Plantin-Moretus Archives have been inscribed on the UNESCO list ‘Memory of the World’. 

Using the amazing archives as a source of information, every six weeks our archivist Kristof Selleslach will blog an English language article on everyday life at the Golden Compasses. In these stories the members of the Moretus family and their employees will become people of flesh and blood once again. The English blog messages will be published on the museum’s Medium-channel.

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Published recently

The Plantin Press looking for staff
The hiring wave of the year 1722
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Bending the Rules
The case of Aguilonius
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The treasures of Balthasar Moretus II
Precautions in times of war
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The Diaries of Theresa Mathilda Schilders
Life and Death in Eighteenth-Century Antwerp
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A New Year's gift for Plantin
The sample book made by Jan Moretus (1575)
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The feast of Saint Luke
Celebration of the patron saint at the Plantin Press
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A plastered printer
Alcohol abuse at the Plantin Press
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Holiday reading with an ulterior motive
What does the content of a prize book tell us about young Melchior Moretus?
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