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foto: Sigrid Spinnox

Secondary education

Interactive guided tours, creative workshops or a one-day programme. Whatever subject you teach, at whatever school, you are sure to find an idea for a visit that is perfect for your class. We have developed a toolbox full of educational tips and tricks specially for you.

foto: Noortje Palmers

Schoolvisit without a guide

Every visitor wants to visit the museum in optimal conditions – – understandably enough. This is why groups and schools reserve in advance. That way, we can coordinate group visits more smoothly.

Our printer at work - printing demonstration

for groups, families and schools

Ever wanted to know what life was like in the Officina Plantiniana? Once you’ve had a visit and printing demonstration daily life in the printing press won’t hold anymore secrets for you.

listening Eyes

low-literate young people and adults

The Museum has developed a set of cards that low-literate young people (and adults) can use to explore the Museum and its rich collections.

Museum Plantin-Moretus

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