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Making over the Plantin pre-metro station

In recent months, one platform of the Plantin metro station has been given a makeover. The design agency Enthoven took inspiration from the Print Cabinet of the Museum.

It did so because of the name of the station, and above all its location on Plantin en Moretuslei – land formerly owned by the Moretus family.



Animal prints and Plantin

Images from the Print Cabinet have been added to the smooth white walls: animals, but also a portrait of Plantin the printer himself. The redesigned lighting has created a pleasant atmosphere, a positive user experience and a greater sense of safety.

The sense of space has been enhanced by the contrast between the white walls and the darker receding tunnel wall. The contrast between the minimalist white canvas and Renaissance illustrations is also special. It emphasises the urban aspect of history and the enduring value of printing.

Street or wall art is today an integral part of the metropolis, and here too, Plantin has been chosen as a source of inspiration. The work is perfectly integrated into the concept of the new station. The mural of the giant fox is by the Antwerp artist Dzia Krank.

Museum Plantin-Moretus

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