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Want to keep abreast of the latest news about the Plantin-Moretus Museum? Then keep a close eye on this page!

Ticket price to change from 1 september 2021

From 1 September 2021, the admission prices for the Museum Plantin-Moretus will be adjusted. The admission prices will be put on par with those of national and international museums. The discount policy will become more transparent.

Fellowship Programme

Early printed books in Antwerp

The Plantin-Moretus Museum and the Hendrik Conscience Heritage Library (Antwerp) are pleased to launch a new call for applications for our fellowship programme. We will award two travel grants for research into the history of the early printed book (15th-18th century) in Antwerp, with the gracious support of the Thierry and Frédéric Nottebohm Grant of the Nottebohm Family Foundation.

De Thiende van Simon Stevin

The museum celebrates mathematical genius Simon Stevin with web expo on Google Arts & Culture

In 2020 it will be 400 years ago that mathematician and inventor Simon Stevin (1548 - 1620) died. On May 18, International Museum Day, the Plantin-Moretus Museum commemorates the mathematical genius with an online exhibition on Google Arts & Culture. After all, the 'Officina Plantiniana' was the printer and publisher of almost 90% of Stevin's work.

Sketchbook young Rubens from the Plantin-Moretus Museum collection recognised as a masterpiece

30.04.2020 | The Flemish Government has placed no less than 194 drawings from the Prints room collection of the Plantin-Moretus Museum on the Masterpiece List. The best of the examples is a sketchbook with 43 drawings made by Peter Paul Rubens when he was 12-13 years old.

City of Antwerp and Google put more than 100,000 books online

The City of Antwerp and Google signed an agreement to digitise a large portion of the collections of the Hendrik Conscience Heritage Library and the Plantin-Moretus Museum. This entails more than 100,000 works from the sixteenth to the nineteenth century that will be made freely accessible in the coming years via Google Books and the library catalogues of both institutions. The books to be scanned are no longer subject to copyright.

Travel grant to Antwerp awarded to two international researchers (2019-2020)

Last year, the Plantin-Moretus Museum and the Hendrik Conscience Heritage Library (Antwerp) launched a fellowship programme for research into the history of the early printed book (15th-18th century) in Antwerp, with the gracious support of the Nottebohm Family Foundation and the Endowment Fund for Books and Literature. Today this scholarship is granted for the second time. Two foreign researchers will receive funding to visit Antwerp for a few weeks for research in the rich library collections.

Making over the Plantin pre-metro station

In recent months, one platform of the Plantin metro station has been given a makeover. The design agency Enthoven took inspiration from the Print Cabinet of the Museum.

The Plantin song

View and listen to the Plantin song

The Museum Plantin-Moretus has its own song for master printer Christophe Plantin. Les Øffs wrote the song and performed it during Museum Night 2014.

Listening Eyes in the Museum

The Museum has developed a set of cards that low-literate young people (and adults) can use to explore the Museum and its rich collections.

Mysterious family heirloom

Descendants of the Moretus family recently donated a remarkable family heirloom to the Museum Plantin-Moretus. To put it simply, it resembles a painted cricket bat. The object’s function is a complete mystery.


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Unknown, unloved

The archive of relatives of the Moretus family, especially the Schilders family

The name Moretus is fairly well-known. But what about Schilders? Who were the Schilders family, and how did their family archive and that of their relatives end up in the Museum Plantin-Moretus?

Museum Plantin-Moretus

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