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The illuminations in Konrad Vechta's Bible

A whole world in the margin

De bijbel van Konrad Vechta is rijkelijk versierd met allerlei decoratieve elementen en illustraties. Maar sommige van die illustraties hebben een diepere betekenis, ze vormen een verhaal in het verhaal.

Ensor's States of Imagination

How did Ensor make prints? What techniques did he use? In what ways did he experiment with this medium and from which old masters did he draw his inspiration? Find out the answers in this exhibition.

    Saturday 28 September 2024 until Sunday 19 January 2025 from 10:00 to 17:00

Accessible museum

The Museum Plantin-Moretus, a museum for everyone

Hospitality is in the DNA of this house. We make every effort to make your visit as pleasant and easy as possible. All practical information on the accessibility of our museum can be found here.

Immerse yourself in the world of drawing

From scribble to cartoon

This exhibition shows the 100 finest old drawings from Flemish collections. It gives a stunning overview of who, why and how people drew in our region in the 16th and 17th centuries. On this page, you can find more information about the works and immerse yourself in the world of drawing.

Catalogue 'From Scribble to Cartoon'

Drawings from Bruegel to Rubens

This catalogue provides an astonishing overview of 80 of the most exquisite drawings from the Southern Netherlands during the 16th and 17th century and sheds new light on the fascinating story of how and why drawings were created and used.

Symposium 'From Scribble to Cartoon'

Different experts on drawings of old masters will present new insights on particular themes, drawings and draughtsmen related to the exhibition 'From Scribble to Cartoon. Drawings from Bruegel to Rubens'.

Travel grant to Antwerp awarded to two international researchers (2023-2024)

For the fifth time already, two foreign researchers will receive a travel grant to come to Antwerp for their research on the history of the printed book.

Home altar

loan from the Rubens House

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